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BIOKINETICIS | Exercise Programmes to Rehabilitate Injuries

Biokinetics primary function is to improve physical functioning and
health care through exercise as modality.

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So, winter is almost over and you just had a chat to one of your team mates discussing the upcoming cricket season and you realize there is less than 12 weeks till the season starts again. Your fitness sucks and your body fat is a little bit more than you would like because of all that hot chocolate and snuggling up next to your girlfriend on those cold winter days.

Now it's time to get up and get fit and loose some of that winter flab to get ready for the next season. Hopefully you managed to work in some gym sessions during the winter to keep the strength up. The next 8-12 weeks is where all the hard work is done and where you need to work on cricket specific training
Firstly, let’s look at what you need to work on for cricket in general:
1. You are on your feet the whole day which demands a great deal of aerobic capacity. This is where you need to put some km's on the road, running about 5-10km at least once a week.
2. Cricket also demands short sprints like running between wickets or chasing a ball to the boundary. For this you need to do drills to increase anaerobic capacity. Sprints of 10-20m or something like shuttle runs works great. This you would do about 2 times a week
3. Whether you are a batsmen or a bowler, you need strength, power and a strong core. This allows you to bowl faster, hit the ball harder or run faster on the field. Incorporate some power cleans, box jumps, squats and deadlifts to name a few. In pre-season training, you can do this 3-4 times a week and work on both upper body and lower body. Also incorporate a lot of stability and core work like lunges and planks.  
4. Lastly, cricket demands a great deal of flexibility and mobility to try and prevent injuries and move better. Nothing worse than going for a quick single and you feel your hamstring pop. Stretch and foam roll daily to help with flexibility and mobility
Also remember to get down to the nets with a mate and work on your skills. That is after all the most important thing in this game.
I will post some example programs that you can have a look at and try for yourself. Feel free to send me an email to find out more about an individualized exercise program.
Until then, train hard and enjoy the cricket